new product! Cooper __ ___ 0 0 Blue

I entered in October.

I feel that it's too late for another two months this yearSurprised



This time is the introduction of new products released in OctoberSurprised MarkSurprised Mark

1/24 Mini Cooper S normal use, sunroof use the selection formula isNico NicoGlitter


By the way Cooper's body color of the package,

It is a body color called Blue 0 0 0, but do you all understand?Waterfall sweat


Cooper second generation R56 type, you can choose the presence or absence of sunroof!

Head light · grill · fuel cap · door knob · door mirror uses plated parts!


The mesh part of the front bumper adopts wire mesh!


The genuine wheel / tire is a 17-inch type,

Domestic / overseas use can be selected for handleGlitter

This is a decal.



This time I requested illustration by illustrator, and I drew a new drawing!


When discussing with illustrator,

Only in blue body color or class I was surprised to hear the story that there …Waterfall sweat

It is a body color that I asked everyone about at the beginning …

In this illustration it is Lightning Blue Metallic !


When I see a blue Cooper in the city, I am concerned about what is blueA lol

Someday I want to become a human who can understand the difference lol


1/24 Mini Cooper S Normal use, sunroof use selection formula

It is scheduled to ship on October 18A lol

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