GF Secret No. 67 Nagoya "Shin-Takayama Climb 1228"! – A total of 20 vessels with balanced ship types were set as one fleet

Today I will introduce 1/3000 Pearl Harbor strategy Nanun launch force!

New model "1/4 thousand scale" New Shinkansen Abukuma "" Heavenly Tone Root type "comes with Pearl Harbor Attack Nuncumi Tactical Forces set!



 Showa 16 years. The Japanese Navy, which assumed that the US and Japan will not cease war on the Pacific Ocean,

Base of US Pacific Fleet Battle of main warships staying in Hawaii Warriors cleans, destroy them with air force at a stroke

The strategy planned at the center of the general fleet commander general Yamamoto 56th captain.

In November 1947, a dangerous mobile unit went out. 



■ Naval warfare occurred mainly by the Japanese Navy during the Pacific War

It is a series that can easily reproduce the organization with strategy with multiple ships.

■ Painting is mainly done with brush painting, designed to facilitate assembly with a minimum number of parts. 

■ The ship is a snap-fit ​​design with no glue.

The product has 6 aircraft carriers and escort battleships, heavy cruises, light cruisers, destroyers 

 A total of 20 vessels with balanced ship types were set as one fleet.

□ Deck marking of aircraft carriers is a specification that can be easily expressed with the included decals. 

□ Panel that imitates the sea surface that decorates the finished warship is attached.

 In this product, "Flying dragon" "Soryu" Make a new flight deck marking at the time of Showa 16, enclose it.



★ Main contents of this product Daiichi Aircraft Squadron Aircraft Carrier Akagi · Kaga

 2nd Air Sentai Aircraft Carrier Soryu / Flying Dragon

 Fifth Aero Squadron aircraft carrier Zuzuru, Shozuru, destroyer Akira

 Third Squadron Battleship Hiei · Kirishima

 Eighth Sentai Heavy Cruiser Tone, Chikuma

 Daiichi Tensai Sentai Light Cruiser Abukuma 

 The seventh destroyer destroyer Valley wind, Ura style, beach wind, Iso style 

 Eighth Destroyer Destroyer Ship Hazime, Shiranui, Kasumi, Kaisei Sea Surface Panel (Dark Blue) x 2




Hon'yaoya package is also introduced!

October 24 Our shipping schedule

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