Zvezda 1/35 T-15 TEST KIT

Information on reproduction! !

Today is an announcement of products we reproduce!  !


Ship NEXT series Kanji! !

What is the ship NEXT series …

Designed with a snap kit style that does not require an adhesive

It is a series with a specification that draws a line with the conventional kit! !


“1/700 NX 7 Navy Battleship King Koji”

In the latter half of 1945, which maximized the anti-aircraft weaponry against the US military air superiority,

I modeled the time of the Leyte Okinawa war.


Hull color is reproduced with molded color imitating “Sasebo Factory color”, which is the most dark color!


As a bonus part by adhesion assembly,

25 mm single machine gun and ammunition box, stays of ventilation barrel and expansion machine gun seat etc.

Various contents are recordedGlitter


For people who want to express delicate parts this is recommended!

“1/700 GUP 135 Battleship NEXT Japan Navy Battleship Kanemo Genuine Etching Parts”

We are reproducing the outfit of delicate ship that can not be expressed with plastic products with etching parts!

Please try to challenge here as well