NEW FROM F-TOYS 1/300 Boeing Collection 2

Sale on 26th November 2018 (Except Okinawa) 
Semi-completed assembly kit


The second Boeing collection picks up Strategy Bomber B-52H Stratfortless.
Repeated repeated upgrades, the stalwart of "Stratospheric fortress" that is still active even more than half a century since the first flight is three-dimensionalized at 1/300 scale.
Rolling out a strong masterpiece handled by BORING company which continues to lead the world aerospace development industry with volume desktop size!

【All 5 types】
1. B – 52H Stratfortless 5th bombing aircraft group
2. B – 52H Stratfortless 319 Bombing Air Corps
3. B – 52H Stratfortless 644 Bombardment Organization
4.B – 52H Stratfortless 'Senior Bowl' Plan
5.NB – 52H Stratfort Fortress Dryden Flight Research Center

■ Contents Confectionery gum 1 grain
semifinished assembly kit included
■ 1 Box 5 pieces
■ Blind package specification
(I do not know which model is in from the outer box)

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