Shipped today! Notice of 2 new products ♪

Today I will introduce 2 new products ♪

1/24 RS 250 McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail Le Mans 1998 # 40 DX

Etched parts not sold separately are included!
McLaren F1 lace specification car. The 40th car of Team Davidoff who participated in Le Mans in 1998. 
Steve Olk, Tim Sagudan, Bill Oberlen driven and finished fourth prize.

In addition to the etching parts originally attached to the kit,

Etching parts dedicated to long tails not separately sold are included.
The standard accessory etching parts include brake discs, canards, seats, belts, pedals and so on.

Etching parts dedicated to long tails contain wing end plates, antennas, mufflers, wipers and so on.

Mask seal convenient for painting the glass part is attached.






1/700 SWM38EX-1 CV63 Kitty Hawk Special specification 

(Metal parts / Brass lifeboat / CVW – 5 with 65 machines)

Etched parts, brass lifeboats, special kit with a total of 65 ships on board! 

It is reproduced with a total length of 455 mm and parts number of about 250 points.
The aircraft is a clear part and comes with CVW – 5 in the second half of 1990.

Two types of fighter aircraft, F – 14A and FA – 18C.
There are four fighter units, "Black Nights", "Dumb Busters", "Golden Dragons" and "Royal Mayes" are included in the decals.


One helicopter corps, five in total are attached.
One model of SH – 60F, Decal has "Chargers" recorded.

2 new items shipped today

Please do take it yourself ~Good


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