Hi all just another update for the Hawker Sea Fury Fans. I have gone back over what i had originally drawn up and have added a few more aircraft to the original decal set. So the RAN Hawker Sea Fury History Decal set covers 13 different schemes from 1949 -1963 and allowing you to decal 2 complete aircraft with all data. so it is JAM packed. I couldn’t fit all the aircraft on the cover sheet But i am sure that there are some here that will tickle your fancy.


Partial eyes catalog immediately after this.

It has stopped for a very long time


It is resuming from parts perspective catalog C parts.


After this immediately.

[Partial eye view catalog] C


Partial eyes catalog C


There are three kinds of C.


It looks exactly like 35009-C and 35010-C
The difference here.
The engraving position shown is different. You can select with Sherman vehicle to use.
Both come complete with a 3 piece gear housing from the red frame part below.
35009 – C 35010 – C
Three common parts. US military scoop hammer bar etc.
Increased armor plate.
And 35019-C
It is a part that I would like to express as an etching expression here
Prepared with molded parts. It is a mounting part on the side of the car body.
Can not you use it for people who do not like etching.
T48 track / spare track holder in the red frame below
Yellow frame separately requires 35019-J parts
Luggage rack parts to be attached to the rear part of the vehicle (opening and closing selection formula)
This is 35036 M4A3 (76) W Sherman “Thunderbolt” From the explanatory illustration drawing
The parts to be selected are located in 35-019 J parts.
Please note that luggage racks can not be completed with only C parts.
It seems that it can be used for various vehicles.
While choosing parts and this according to the shaman under construction.
It was C this time.
I will also shoot!
Sherman parts being introduced 
You can purchase at Asuka model internet shop.

This week of Indian Summer (at least in Belgium it is), is like a good news show for us 🎉 Of all the projects for the next 4 years with Belkits that we planned and decided in february 2018 in Nurnberg, we received almost all approvals by different licensors 😍 (yes, almost all 😉)



It’s still scheduled for end of this year 🙂 In Nurnberg this year, we scheduled our plans for 2018-2022. And to avoid that 2 companies make the same cars, we immediately announce new projects once the licensor has approved our project