NEW FROM AOSHIMA 1/350 sailing ship Christian Laddick – Scheduled to be released in October 2018

The world's most beautiful sailing ship appears!

In 1937, it was built as a practice ship of a private school in Norway. Immediately after returning from the maiden voyage, a war began and was introduced to the navy. Then it was recruited by the German Army and used as a submarine mother ship. After the bombing of the Allied Forces under mooring, it was discovered in half sunken state after the end of the war, raised by the Allied Forces, returned to Norway. After being repaired at the dock and returning, I went out to the voyage again in 1947 and also participated in the sailing boat festival, the race etc. You can still see its appearance. White sail, white mast, white hull is a symbol of fishing country Norway.

  • Reproduction on 1/350 scale
  • Full Hull specification. An offshore model can also be made by parts of the ship bottom.
  • With display stand with rope

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