NEW FROM Dragon Models 1/35 PZ.KPFW.3 -3.7CM- -T- AUSF.F "OPERATION SEELOWE" 6877 +Presented a soldier of the "Father of the German Armored Corps" Guderian


The third "submarine" with a wide open brain


very interesting kit

– Accurate reproduction of buoy snorkels and long hoses

– The depth marker has a sufficient length

– Command turret with waterproof cover made of DS material

– Gun shield with waterproof cover made of DS material

– The waterproof parts around the bottom of the turret are accurately depicted

– The hose frame is made exquisite

– DS integrated track is easy to install (the first batch of MagicTrack magic track in China)

During the Second World War, Germany secretly developed and equipped many No. 3 diving tanks for the implementation of the “Sea Lion Project” for amphibious landings in the UK. This incredible diving tank and modern tank have different diving functions. It has a maximum depth of 15 meters and can continuously advance underwater for 20 minutes. It is specially used for landing after landing. The No. 3 diving tank was modified on the basis of the ordinary No. 3 tank F type, G type and H type, and there is not much difference except for the fixed vent pipe and the pipe support frame. The F-type launched this time is specially prepared for the "Sea Lion" program. The turret is equipped with a tailor-made F-type of 3.7cm KwK L46.5 main gun.

Veyron's new 1/35 ratio kit presented a soldier from the "Grandfather of the German Armored Corps" Guderian. The World War II famous series of soldiers is a powerful prop to expand the concept of rich plots when the scene is produced, but it is difficult to find related injection molded parts in the market, we will try to provide more such matching soldiers so that players can make more Excellent work. The new kit provides all the necessary submersible parts (including waterproof parts, buoy snorkels, depth markers, long hoses, etc.) to make this different submersible No. 3 tank. The first batch of products in China will also be presented with a dedicated MagicTrack magic track, with a total of 500 sets. Now you can enter the global UML HOBBY online store and the major Veyron authorized dealer online store to make reservations!

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