You have to be careful not to forget to paint the grill …

Today as we arrived in the middle of October, how about everyone, how are you going? What?
Watarashi continues to daily hot as usual. 
But in-house air conditioning seemed are sensitive to perceive the autumn, significantly yell of missing set … Compared with last month 
I wonder if not all hot ASEASE, but I think Nante, it seems that it wants the heat is my only appearance of Goessori
early I wish for a wish in the winter whether it will be winterRungnun

Well, sorry for the administrative content this week, it is introduction of new products and Chachach.





The ☆ model car No. 93 
1/24 Toyota JZX 90 Chaser / Cresta 
Avante · Lucent / Tourer '93

First of all, package


Chaser's Masking Seal

Cresta Masking Seal

Chaser's prototype finished product ~


Chaser's prototype finished product ~


It is like this. 
It ASEASEis already a bad 
name of a product name … It is so, as it is a long product name, it is a selective type Konbachi kit of 90 series chaser and Cresta. Moreover, it becomes a selection formula of Avante G, Super Lucent G, and Tourer V. If you buy this, all the main grades of the 90 series Ceresta are covered !  !– Mandom. Well not that alone. Since both Avante and Super Lucent have included both 2.5 and 3.0, Glitter if you want to make it perfect GX system already, please use 2.5 / 3.0 and cut off the part of G. If you have note
room, I would like to have Raffine and Spiel. I thought, but my hands did not reach Untitled
And this time as well as the other 90 mark II of the other day we entered the good old aero parts and lowdown parts as well. 
90 series chaser / cresta which is still incomplete in price and difficult to price. It also had a hard time to commercialize TallerThere are many opponents inside the company …
In the meantime, it is a new product that I managed to manage, so please purchase it as soon as possible.


I do not think we will have forever 
Plastic model



Yes brush!


The ☆ model car No. 94 
1/24 Nissan ECR 33

Skyline GTS 25 t type M '94

First of all, package


Masking seal

Prototype finished product


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