New Products—World War II US Army M3A1 Stewart Light Tank Basic Parts

Tamiya continued to exert its strength on the classic theme of World War II this year. The recent M3A1 shuffled the previous M3A1 of Tamiya’s own goods, (but the seal did not feel the delicateness of the previous painting). Compared with the old goods, this new kit is comprehensive. Beyond, but although the track corrects the mistake, it is still a traditional rubber track. Tamiya’s M3A1 is actually more of a restoration of the museum’s appearance. As some special loads in the wartime, such as the sub-tank on the turret side 2, the accessories are not restored like Aidemei, and the model feels more compact, but The details are still insufficient. The etched sheet corrects the heat dissipation shape and mesh density of the upper part of the engine, adds the auxiliary fuel tank buckle, and refines the light frame, restores the true structure of the fender and the riveted steel strip under the car body, and the suspension part is also modified. If the player makes a little manual modification, the suspension can be restored. The attached metal barrel has a good shape of the bell mouth of the barrel. The antenna is also a real spring because it can be treated like a real car. This modification has also become a good choice for upgrading this Tamau M3A1 with insufficient details.

PE35934 World War II US Army M3A1 Stewart Light Tank Basic Parts (including barrel, antenna) TAMIYA 35360

Sorry I made you wait! 87 AW released! !

Last week ‘s three consecutive holidays went to Hiroshima!

A-Bomb Dome, Miyajima, Okonomiyaki, Oyster,

Carp ‘s game (It was Arai’ s retirement match Untitled).

And of course


Also. Electric trainLeisurely with the newly opened Kure Line .

I am addicted to the charm of a battleship plenty with the Yamato Museum and have just come back.

Well, it is not a battleship but a story of a tank.

Everyone, I kept you waiting.

1/72 Military Series No. 9

Ground Self Defense Force 87 self-propelled high fire aircraft gun (2 inch)

It was shipped yesterday 10/11 ~Stubborn!  !!  !!  !

I will start to line up at the store this weekend ~!


The package is cool too!

Easy to make, precise reproducibility.

Completely new design which realized three-dimensional real car accurately !

The turret is molded integrally using a slide mold.

The minimum number of parts is 109 points

The track includes a rubber pad that can be seen in a ceremonial ceremony.

Reproduction of wheel stops (cute)

Let ‘s take a closer look inside.

Weld marks on the body, anti-slip, mesh

It contains a delicate and accurate reproduction that has never existed before.

Welding traces on the side of the body of the position where it becomes difficult to see after creation,

Filling up with shapes that are too small to convey, such as the escape mouth of the bottom

Emissions are recorded in both 3 and 4 stations. Selectable in the latter period.

Traction wire and antenna are made into separate parts considering painting.

The hatch is also reproduced inside.

Headlight, periscope, laser measuring machine, infrared night vision equipment are made into transparent parts

There is no other choice but to see the contents directly for hands!  !!  !

Initial production is about to be sold out with popularitynotenote

It is a necessary check ~! !