Large volume

It got cold day by day. I went to a pot with a friend at once.

I feel that everything is good if I have ponzuSerious looking


Well this time this month as well, this is an introduction of new products

1/700 Seaway Model Series № 38 EX-1

CV63 Kitty Hawk (with metal parts / brass lifeboat / CVW-5 65 aircraft) isSurprised Mark


● Etched parts, brass lifeboats, special kit with a total of 65 aircraft carried!

It is reproduced with a total length of 455 mm and parts number of about 250 points .


It is a luxury set of large volumePig

The aircraft is a clear part and comes with CVW – 5 in the latter half of 1990. 

Two types of fighter aircraft, F – 14A and FA – 18C. 

Four fighter fleet units, to the decal

"Black Nights"

"Dumb Busters"

"Golden Dragons"

"Royal Mayces" recorded.


One helicopter corps, 5 a total is attached. 

One type of SH – 60F, Decal is "Chargers" recorded.

This is an additional decal image.


In making the instruction manual of the attached shipboard machine, I was choked by the amount of informationWaterfall sweat

So I am full of my belly when I finish making a description …Serious looking

If you made all 65 aircraft, please share it with Twitter …


CV63 Kitty Hawk (metal parts / brass lifeboat / with CVW – 5 65 aircraft) It is shipped October 9, certainlySurprised MarkSurprised Mark

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