New product information

Today is an introduction of new products scheduled to be released in December.

1/700 Special Series No.49 Nihonkai Navy Round Tsugaru Showa 16 / Showa 19

It is an upgrade version.


Tsugaru is the Japanese navy 's first large – scale laying ship, the Okishima – type homomorphic ship.

In the Showa 16 at the time of completion, the contents of 1949 which strengthened anti-aircraft weaponry can be selected.

Illustration is a dramatic battle scene by Mr. Mikiya Yoshihara.

It is the figure of Showa 19 years equipped with electricity exploration.

The finished product is also in Showa 19.


It is also an illustration of Showa 16 by Mr. Yoshiwara.

This time I introduced the original picture before it became a package.


Next is the introduction of the completed state.

First of all, it is the figure of Showa 16 years.

Etched parts will be shipped from the beginning to reproduce the crane for exploding a burst.

The aircraft carries a zero type Sansei Minakami reconnaissance aircraft.


As bonus parts there are two parts with thirteen mines arranged side by side.


The door of the mine laying rail is reproduced on the stern which is cut off to the plane.

Now preparing! Please wait for a while until the launch.

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