This month's release

Iron clad is Atago 1/350

Due to the delay in the progress of the mold,

It will be released next month.

I truly appreciate your inconvenience.

On October 28 (Sunday) in Osaka

"Osaka Hobby – Fes" will be held.

Because Mr. Qingdao will also have an exhibit to disturb you,

Come if you are free.

Cheap Trick's "Live at Budokan"

To mark the 40th anniversary of release

Did you do live in Tokyo?

I made live in Japan famous

I think it is DEEP PURPLE,

It was this band that made the Budokan known.

What sound source was from Osaka 's live.

Eh — っ. Have you been fooled? What?


It is a band where I can become a gi.

Another one "Shibuya Yoichi"

It is also thanks to.


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