Ship Yard Works new items added-FOR 1/350-1/700 SHIPS – Release Date:2018-10-25

Information on reproduction! !

Today is an announcement of products we reproduce!


“1/3000 warship 99 warship island (Toshima)”

As a structure that can be easily enjoyed making palm-size easily

It reproduces the appearance of the lively era of high growth period, is three-dimensional!

Runners are divided into “base part” “housing part” “crane and ship”.

Dwelling building on the western side of the island is made partly separate parts so as to make it easy to reproduce distinctive features and color tones! !

To reproduce the surrounding sea surface which is also used in the photograph,

One sea surface reproduction plate molded in blue is attached.

Service stickers and decals are included to reproduce windows arranged neatly in addition to plastic parts!

It can be arranged in contemporary style depending on how to make itOK



It is recommendation of recommendation!

“1/3000 DUP 6 warship island (Toshima) genuine etching parts”

Recommended for those seeking more advanced detail upGlitter

Window of the residence that can not be expressed with just plastic products alone,

Delicate parts such as belt conveyor and crane are reproduced with etching parts!  !

Please also make this togetherPlease

G’Day All Just another weekly update. This one is for all the 1/32 Nutters. The 1/32 Super Hornet and Growlers decals are NOW available

The First batch to those who ordered them early left here this afternoon. These Decals have all the data for the pylons, Undercarriage doors, and more. You can view them up on my web site. The 1/6 Op okra supers have 15 pages of instruction and 4 1/4 A5 Pages of decals, the growler set has 4 A5 pages of decals and 11 pages of instructions. The new data sheet is also now included the 1 Sqn 100th Ann decals. Hens why some of you may have been waiting a while for them. This new data set will allow you to decal 2 Complete Super Hornets or Growlers. These are another limited run set