Shipped today! Notice of 2 new products ♪

Today I will introduce 2 new products ♪




Limited production! !

Newly developed special etching parts are included.

Only available with this kit!

The etching parts are 2 sets .


The 13,21 electricity search in the bridge section is recorded as detailed parts. 
Attacker 's braking cable equipped on the flight deck and so on are recorded. 
Even among the cloud drag shapes, each ship features become different parts.


Products to which this etching part belongs … … ↓ ↓ 



1/700 Special 82EX-1 Nippon Air Navy Aircraft Carrier Katsuragi Special specification (with etching parts)


To shorten the construction period, bridge bridges composed of square planar shapes were reproduced with special parts.
A triangular prism-shaped machine gun and a high angle cannon sponson strut composed of planes were represented by special parts.
Decal for camouflage is attached so that you can easily reproduce the figure which was painted camouflage on the flight deck.






1/700 Special 17EX-1 Japan Navy Aircraft Carrier Marine Tianjin Special Specification (With Etching Parts)

ecal for camouflage that easily reproduces the camouflage paint of the flight deck is attached.
Four types of "Tian Shan" "Comet" "Zero Fighter Type 52" "Zero Fighter Type 21 Explosion" belonging to the 601 aircraft corps that existed as a shipboard unit after completion are attached to the shipboard unit. 






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