VELLFIRE shipping announcement: NEXT series next time FJ Cruiser

Yesterday the car NEXT series finally


It is shipping.


In addition to the new color White Pearl Crystal Shine this time

Black also renewed the specification!




I will introduce it on the previous blog, but I am reviewing itBlunder


Window seal will be renewed!

You can paste as it is!

You can also paint it as a mask seal!




Real seals also renewed!

The decal has become more fulfilling content!

As a bonus the notation of the hybrid car

We also recorded three types of instrument panel.

Vehicle inspection, 1 year inspection mark is a specification to paste from the back of transparent parts

Can be reproduced in real.





The package is this package!



Next car of such a car NEXT series

"FJ Cruiser" is an introduction.

Because it is a test shot, it is gray. The sculptures are also part of the future …

Carrier was a bonus part so I just put it.




What a window frame is made as a separate part! 

Also color-coded with molded colors!

A strip pattern is given near the rear space,


We have reproduced parts that are hard to see.




Release is a little more in DecemberGlitter

Look forward to the next report


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