NEW FROM Platts 1/72 Air Self Defense Force F-15J Eagle No. 303 Squadron 2018 Komatsu Base Air Festival Commemoration Coating Machine Fighting Drago

just appeared on September 17, 2018! 
No. 303 Squadron Memorial Painting Machine Easily Kit! 
Dragon Scales Reflected Characteristic Design Attracted Attention with Large Decal! 
First Time Limited! Enclose 303 Saddle’s Emblem Mini Magnet Sheet !! 

About actual machine

In August 2017, the 304th Squadron of the Air Self Defense Force celebrated its 40th anniversary. 
Back in 40 years, founded in 1977 in Fukuoka prefecture Tsukijo Base. 
Initially it was responsible for air defense in the Kyushu airspace with the F – 4 EJ phantom. 

In 1990, we changed model to F – 15J Eagle. 
From 2016 it was transferred to the Ninth Naval Air Station’s 9th aircraft subcontractor, and I am keeping an eye on the Nansei Islands airspace. 
The main machine F – 15J Eagle was an aircraft that had its own equipment of the Air Self Defense Force based on the US Air Force F – 15C which began real deployment in 1974, and has its own tactical electronic warfare system, J / TEWS and also its own data Link system etc. are carried. 
The deployment of troops began in 1982, and still plays the main role even in Japan ‘s air defense in the sky. 

In the air festival etc of the base where F – 15J operates, it is common to make a commemorative painting machine and exhibition flight. 
At the air festival at Komatsu Station in Ishikawa Prefecture on September 17, 2018, each of the 303 Squadron and 306 Squadron’s aircraft carries exhibition flight with a memorial paint. 
It gathered the popularity of the audience.

About the model

It is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the memorial paint machine “72-8885” of the 303 squadron who appeared at Ishikawa Prefecture Komatsu Base Air Festival held on September 17, 2018. 
I express the design of the dragon’s scales on the sides of the aircraft and the vertical tail with a large decal sheet in detail. 
The cockpit left and right vertical tail wings, and further, the scales drawn on the augmentation tank mounted under the main wing have a sufficient impact finish. 

The design of this memorial painting machine was based on the design chosen by solicitation within the unit. 

A decal that fits tightly to the exactly reproduced airframe shape is a silk screen printing decal that Cultograph was responsible for. 
It is an Italian decal with less color transparency and better coloring. 

Of course, each part of the aircraft is modeled in detail at 1/72 scale. 
You can not miss the engine nozzle etc which reproduced it by splitting the parts in regard to details. 
Dynamic image marking is also essential for collection. 

It is a kit that the SDF fan wants you to get it.

Major features

  • Reproducing the commemoration coating machine “30-9885” of the 303th Squadron who appeared at Ishikawa Prefecture Komatsu Base Air Festival held on 17th September 2018
  • As the first time limited benefit, embellishment mini magnet sheet of the 303 squadron is enclosed
  • Exactly reproduce the design of the memorial painting machine created on the basis of the design chosen by solicitation within the unit
  • Representing the design of the dragon’s scales on the sides of the aircraft and vertical tail wings in detail with a large decal seat
  • Decal is made of high quality Italian cult graph with good coloring and less coloring
  • Scales drawn on cockpit right and left and vertical tail wings, a tank installed under the main wing have sufficient impact
  • Each part of the airframe is modeled in 1/72 scale in detail, splitting the parts carefully in detail such as engine nozzle and reproducing it firmly