Dear Friends! Two weeks prior to Telford and here a short update:

a) Our latest publication in our Modern Luftwaffe Unit History series will be out on November 9, titled Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 73 "Steinhoff". This first part of a four volume history deals with the early years of Fighter Wing 73 at Sobernheim AB, when the unit operated the Canadair Sabre Mk.6 and the Fiat G.91.
Of course we will bring plenty of copies to England …

b) We will have only 24 Belgian Mirage 5BA/BR kits with us – so be quick if you want to get your copy.

c) The same applies for the Latin American Kfir kit.

d) We were able to finish our 44931442_958451164341608_8066637305663717376_n in 1/72 scale. We will have plenty at our trade stand at Telford. This decal features 18 different markings for Dornier aircraft of the Luftwaffe, German Army and German Naval Air Arm.

More news next week…

Have a great weekend and enjoy your life!


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