Today and also this year 299th day! The remaining 66 days!

The day before yesterday Wednesday, the development team of a superior first-class hobby maker in Tokyo was in Shizuoka, so we gathered at night and got an urgent meeting. Although they are minority, they are truly innovative Carmania, Cargai (the section chief who owns Mazda Paranoia and Gloria, Gloria and Gloria), and they are influenced each time they meet. … It may be a bad influenceASEASE

Meanwhile, it seems that I will buy a new car again with Hanashi riding … I already have the latter type of the same car, "Since TwinCam Limited in the previous term is super rare, if I miss this, What is whispering and is coming to a glanceGoessori


I do not have such money anymore … I am in trouble.

I'm a late schooler …



Well, today is the 26th of October. 
Speaking of 26th every month it is a very nice release date of publications, but in the 
meantime high-speed leaded deluxe Vol.66 and model cars Vol.271 have arrived at hand .

So, this month's model cars has a very nice article,

It is such a feeling, but our online shop which we released a while ago is limited


1/32 Value Custom No, 03 Hi Nomo Super Dolphin FS Dump


I posted a sample that applied detailing as a base.

It is truly appreciated. 
Let's go to the nearest bookstore first as detailed points up and a lot of small techniques are listed in the articleAwesome

Is this a naive person here? Https:// _JP= % E 3 % 82 % AB % E 3 % 82 % BF % E 3 % 82 % AB % E 3 % 83 Down arrow
% AA% E3% 83% 87% E3% 83% AB% E 3% 82% AB% E 3% 83% BC% E 3% 82% BA% E 3% 80 % 80 & rh = i% 3Aaps% 2 Ck% 3A% E 3% 83% A 2% E 3% 83% 87% E 3% 83% AB% E 3% 82% AB% E 3% 83% BC% E 3% 82% BA% E 3% 80 % 80

Here too Glitter E3% 82% AB% E 3% 82% BF% E 3% 82% AB% E 3% 83% 8 A & url = search – alias % 3Daps & field-keywords =% E 3% 83% A 2% E 3% 83% 87% E 3% 83% AB% E 3% 82% AB% E 3% 83% BC% E 3% 82% BA% E 3% 80% 80% E 9% AB% 98% E 9% 80% 9 F% E 6% 9 C% 89% E 9% 89% 9 B


And if you read the model cars and you want a plastic model of Dolphin Dump, please click here ~
Now it's still a little unsold There is inventory instead of … but !  !
please give it as soon as possibleLovey dovey


So the stock is over October selling New product IkemonRungnun

1/32 Heavy Freight series No.03 
Japan Torre box container semi-trailer 40ft tri-axial / Ocean Network Express

First of all, package


Prototype finished product



You and I are like this. 
Finally I was able to issue container trailer licensed items. 
ONE / Ocean Network Express is the merger of the three major shipping companies in Japan, NYK, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha and Mitsui OSK's container business division. It just started moving in this spring, but the number of containers in ONE brand has increased in the blinks in no time. ONE's maritime containers have magenta and white, but it is noticeable that magenta stands out. 
Since the trolley also renewed it became licensed goods of Japan Trex, please purchase on this occasion.

So this week this is the end.

See you next Friday. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0Par

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