New colors appear in Hustler! +January 2019 edition

HP's new product information has been updated ~!

Have you checked the January 2019 edition yet?

This time we have various product guides.

I am sorry to have kept you busy.ASEASE


Well this time, new face will appear in Hustler of 1/24 car NEXT ~


Candy pink metallic

Refreshing blue! !

Energetic orange! !

And cute pink is released! !

※ The image is a prototype. Actual product may differ.

Completed size: Total length 144 mm Overall width 74 mm Overall height 75 mm 
(Overall width is side mirror, total height includes antenna)

Molded part 109 points 
Decoration Seal one 
single glazing frame shadow seals 
structure the product in the center.

GerberaProduction limitation outside standard product, special coloring body version of pink molding specially designed.

GerberaIt reproduces the former standard before equipping a diverse range of genuine options with motif of 2 wheel drive X grade . 

GerberaPiping of the same color as the body of the pink, special seal attached to reproduce the instrument panel with white setting included.


Like the conventional car NEXT

· Because it is an inlay type, glue is unnecessary!

– Since it is color parts paint unnecessary!

It is a handy kit that can be assembled quickly!


Plamo beginners and clumsy myself silently did this NEXT series silently, I was able to complete it in a couple of hours if I was assembling crackles.

To be easily assembled, really surprised at the real to detail.

It is the secret of had destroyed several times side mirrors with brute force.



It is colorful and cute twice as many as blue, orange and pink! !

It hustler has developed a lot of color, also hustler of Fujimi

I wonder if come out various color variations now more ~

What color do you like?Tulip



1/24 car NEXT Hustler release schedule is January 28 ~

Please do not hesitate to ask!

Kudasari read up to here, thank you!

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