Introduction of the November New Product South Pacific Naval Battle Set

Today is the introduction of the new product South Pacific Naval Battle Set in NovemberWhistle




Guadalcanal Army 17th military "Henderson airfield" total attack Attacking support Seyo!


South Pacific Naval Battle Set (Shochu / Mizuzuru / Zuiho / with colored aircraft)

"Light Circle Nagara type" and "Aircraft carrier Zuiho" appeared on 1/3000 scale. A warship supporting the Southern Front is in this set!






□ The product is a set focused on participating vessels of the South Pacific Naval Battle that crashed in U.S. Troops and Solomon Sea in October 1972.

□ It consists of aircraft carrier Sho – cran type, a mobile force centered on Zuiho, battleship Hiei / avant – garde centering on Kirishima.

□ Deck marking of aircraft carriers is a specification that can be easily expressed with the included decals.  

 In this product, before the drawing of the flight deck "Zuiho", in 1951 marked a new flight deck marking will be produced and sealed.

Colorized shipboard machine is included. Three models of zero fighting, ninth ship bombing, nine hundred warship attack are attached.

Panel imitating the sea surface decorating the finished warship and the land that imagines the Solomon archipelago are attached


Main contents of this product


Two aircraft carriers "Sho-cran type (Shozuru, Ruzuru)" 

One aircraft carrier "Sho Feng type (Rui Feng)" 

Two battleships "Hiei / Kirishima" 

Two heavy cruisers "The top type (Suzuya, Kumano)" 

Two heavy cruisers "Tone type (Tone, Chikuma)"

One light cruise ship "Nagara (Nagara)" 

Destroyer ships 13 "Haze / Eun cloud type"

One destroyer "Akizuki type (Terumuki)" 

Two scene parts parts "Mountain land (dark green)" 

Scene Parts 2 "Sea Surface Panel (Blue Green)"

Flight-mounted aircraft (already colored) 3 aircraft "Zero type ship fighter (light gray)"

           3 aircraft "Ninety-nine Ship Bomber (Dark Green)"

           Three aircraft "Ninety-seven type warship attack machine (dark green color)"




Package is here! !

Well, next time again!

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