Currently under review – new kits from platz-hobby 1/144 Flying Color Selection AV8B Harrier II (2 sets) +1/144 Air Self Defense Force Support Fighter F-1 "1977 – 2006" (2 sets)

For airplane modelers in Japan, the Air Self Defense Force F – 1 is still a special existence. 
Support fighter aircraft F-1 that appeared as the domestic first jet fighter and has long protected the Japanese sky. 
It is a plastic model kit that is commissioned in 1977 and you can enjoy the appearance of domestically produced fighter plane whose all aircraft were retired in 2006 on 1/144 scale. 
The marking covers all the marks of the three squadrons that operated the F – 1, and the machine number also prepares 9 machines + α. It is a set of 2 machines in which the footprints of domestically produced fighters over 30 years are reborn on the desk.

About actual machine

In 1977, F – 1 appeared as the domestic first jet fighter. 
Developed based on domestic first supersonic jet training machine T-2. 
It was operated as a support fighter aircraft mainly focusing on anti-ship attack missions at air-to-ship missiles and ground-based attack missions to enemy ground force units trying to land, and got a scramble mission to the airspace invasion machine. 
It is excellent in stability during low-altitude high-speed flight, and has established a method of operation of supporting fighter aircraft in the Air Self Defense Force with high attack precision at anti-ship / ground attack mission. 
77 aircraft were produced and deployed to three squadrons. 
All of the aircraft were retired by 2006 in the form of transferring the mission to the successor F – 2. 

Major features

  • 1/144 Scale · Plastic Model Unpainted Assembly Kit
  • Use of FEFTO's parts – 2 sets
  • Decal is high-quality silk screen printing made by Cartograf
  • Marking covers all fighter units (3rd, 6th, 8th Squadron) that operated F-1
  • The 3rd Squadron and the 8th Squadron record the tail wing troop marks of both the previous term and the latter term
  • You can reproduce your favorite aircraft by preparing nine aircraft + α
  • Includes machine number of the aircraft which was experimentally given offshore camouflage at warfare competitions etc.




The 9th edition of popular flying color selection is an epoch making in aviation history appeared!

This is the 2nd set of history's first vertical take-off and landing battle attack machine Harrier, its second generation AV-8B series. 
The kit that uses the Fifties parts can be assembled by selecting the AV-8B (NA) with nighttime attack capability, the British specification GR.9, and the final evolutionary type AV-8B Harrier II Plus. 
You can enjoy "unique colors" unique to VSTOL machines. 

Flying Color Selection and

"Flying Color Selection" is a series of aircraft plastic model with coloring and marking as the center of enjoyment. 
Set up the parts of FEETSOZ which combines delicate detail and high strength assembly and decals of silk screen printing finished colorfully under the precise supervision of Rochette · Decal. 
We support assembly with instruction manual with emphasis on painting process. 
Scale is an affordable size and is ideal for collections 1/144. We carefully select colorful paintings and unexpected schemes from famous aircraft of the past year to masterpiece of recent years, and convey the charm of various "airplane colors".

Major features

  • 1/144 Scale · Plastic Model Unpainted Assembly Kit 
  • Use of FEFTO's parts – 2 sets
  • Decal made by Italian · cult graph


I would like to thank the manufacturer platz-hobby who sent me the product samples
For reviews

THE Reviews will be published shortly


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