Hey, Folks! Nieuport pre-orders are over, and boy it was a great time

and boy it was a great time, no packing and sending. Now we are starting to prepare all your Nieuports for the dispatch, we are planning to start sending them on Monday, but that is not the only news that I have for you. Nie17 pre-order is over but a new one is on the horizon, today I want to share some photos of what we think will be available in DEC 2018, it could be a bit later, due to Nieuport release, but we are pushing hard to have it before Xmas) For those who missed previous post about 1/48 HP, now you know we are doing one.

And so it is
k1025 1/48 RESIN Handley Page 0/400 Bomber
200 EUR price tag
1 kg of resin parts
2 meters of wire was used for struts. Another 1 meter for wings

Pre-order will be open at Scale Models World 2019 (Telford)

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