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toolmakers are working hard on our new models as you can see in the photos I took yesterday afternoon showing the almost finished wing mould for the 1/32 Fi 103A-1/Re-4 Reichenberg manned missile. And as I already had the camera in hand, I also photographed the 1/72 NF Meteor wing moulding tool which had just been taken out of her galvanic bath, still waiting to get proper polishing and finishing

We are preparing NF Meteors 1/72 and Siebel Si 204 / Aero C-3 1/48

We mould molds. NF Meters for galvanizing and small parts Si 204 / C-3 straight into metal ….


SH72400 Vickers type 267 Vildebeest Mk.III – boxart

Standa Hájek drew a picture for SH72400 Vickers Type 267 Vildebeest Mk.III. We originally designed Vildebeest for Azur Frrom. Now, in agreement with this company, we will offer Villdebeest in our cover. The model will contain original decals and etchings, but the guideline reflects the latest findings about the Vildebeest coloring in Singapore.

Boxes of Upcoming News December 2018 / February 2019

Part of the boxes for upcoming Special Hobby models for December 2018 to February 2019 will soon be printed. You can see how previews from the printer look right now .. 

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