New product announcement ♪ ~ Chibi Maru fleet with effect parts + 5 new kits on 1/3000-1/700-1/72-1/24

Today I will introduce 2 new products ♪




A special spec appearance with added realistic effect parts appeared!

It became a specialized product specification so that the offshore type can be done.
The pedestal for exhibition that makes the image of the sea, the wave of the bow and stern, and the water column of the nearby bullet are attached .




Chiba Maru 1EX-1 Chibi Maru Fleet Yamato Special Specification (with Effect Parts)


Chibumaru 2 EX – 1 Chibi Maru Fleet Musashi Special Specification (with Effect Parts)


A ship head wave and a ship tail wave of a clear blue series molded are attached

CLEAR Orange molded artillery flame is included (Specification to fix with adhesive)


More painstaking and more realistic!


These items were shipped on 10/29 (Monday).


I think that it is about time to be at the shop front, so please get it in handA lol






Kit with effect parts, in January next year tanks sale is!


Parts of deformed artillery flames and dust / snow dust are included in limited! !



TM9EX-1 Chibaruma three-type medium tank Tinuu special specification (with effect parts)



TM10EX – 2 Chibi Marutegator I Eastern Front Special Spec (with Effect Parts)

It is an introduction of reproduced products!


NEXT series which had been out of stock for a while, military port etc.,

We reproduced!Chu


1/700 Ship NX1 Japan Navy Battleship Yamato


1/700 Ship NX4 Japan Navy Aircraft Carrier Akagi


1/3000 Military Port 1 Yokosuka Port


1/24 ID32 Toyota Crown (130 Series 2000 Royal Saloon Super Charger)


In addition, 87 AW just released last month, it was sold out in no time!

But please do not worry, we reproduced …!Chila


1/72 ML9 Ground Self Defense Force 87 self-propelled high fire aircraft gun

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