Everyone is a shaman beginner at the beginning!

If you can introduce the production scenery of Sherman a bit more than before. . .
I thought that I could prepare a production blog this time.
There are many kinds of vehicles, but this time it is M4A3.


※ The blog is an external link "Mu"'s blog.


【Introduction of Mu】 ******************************************* ***


Mu san is mainly those who are making airplanes.


Indeed. . .
Sherman got it recently (since about last year)
I made it a little.


While being puzzled at the time of shaman with many specifications. . is.


Sometimes you see it from a different perspective from the Asuka model
We are also studying.


Asuka-saman still made like Mu-san
I hope it will arrive someday for no modeler.


************************************************** *********************


[Good point] of Asuka Sherman and [Where to make while devising necessary measures]
[Unknown place] etc etc.
From those who have already assembled it already 
What about ASCA Sherman yet? To everyone
I would appreciate it if you can see it widely.
Then please have a look from here.


it's here.