1/24 Toyota NCP 160 V Pro box '14 Ultimate! Nipa-chan-Scheduled to be released in January 2019

God hand × Aoshima collaboration product! Planet Kogue's sales car! What? Depart for Nipahiko Pro box!

Anthropomorphic character of nipper "Nipagako" appears as a painful car! Princess Koug's princess glows the body gorgeously. The base car is a strong ally of a working person Toyota Pro box. It is as finished as if there is a real car. Body pillows, notebook PC and other painful parts are included. You can arrange them yourself. In addition, a decal using illustrations drawn by popular illustrator "Kanikama" will also be included! Please dress up happily ♪

※ It is an assembly type plastic model that needs painting. 
※ Illustration, marking will be reproduced with a decal. 
※The image is an image. Design may differ from the actual product. 
* The image that is published is a prototype.

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