Atago 1/350

NAVYYARD magazine on sale 


Exeter and do-set sharp,


An example of Flower-grade Corvette is on it.


I am doing my best.





Finally, Atago 's test shot came.

Finally, I entered the linoleum sculpture.

An anti-slip pattern will enter the flight deck.


Although I urged him to put in at last,


It is finally come to the last minute.


The person in charge is a typist shop.


However, as I was messing with chimney piping and so on,

They are mutual, but …


This month is the release of D – set shaker.

Well ,, and.






YUIMETAL is missing

What do you think?

Is this something different?


When I saw them for the first time, are elementary school students?

I thought so much, I was young,

I thought that "What's this?"

While saying that,

I became a global celebrity.

Solo activity as "Mizuno Yuzi"

I think that it is hard,

Let's support you. ! !

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