Autumn leaves hunting

Today is the product named after such a Haruna ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~! What? What?

Kumamon 10 Monkey Kumamon Vavern


I am sorry but …

With my lack of power, I could not introduce the product named after Haruna …

So this time we will introduce "Kumamon 10 Monkey Kumamonbaum" to be released on November 8th day after tomorrow!


Package like the image above

Cool color of rider Kumamon and black · red · white is characterized!

When painting and gluing the product, assembling it will become such a monkey like this ~

The chic and cool color and the loveness of one point Kumamon attached to the gasoline tank are the best.

When searching for "Kumamon Monkey"

As you can see pictures of Rider Cum riding on this monkey, please take a look at those who have time.

The feeling of size of Kumamon and Monkey is insanely cute.



Also, as with the Kumamoto castle Kuma Mon version I introduced earlier,

This product also comes with a three-dimensional seal of Mukumon!

Please also decorate them together! !


"Kumamon 10 Monkey Kumamon Space"

It is scheduled to be released on November 8!



Thank you very much for reading so far!


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