[BORDER MODEL] Pzkpfw.IV Ausf.G Coming soon NEW UPDATE

The official prime map will be released immediately after the second trial, and the quality will be. . There are three pounds of guarantees, you can wait and see. The model friends who book in advance can enjoy a whole set of exaggerated gifts. (Limited 1000)
Keep watching, you can wait until the photo of the group is released before making a choice, whether to buy it, or prepare for three pounds. 
Note: (Three pounds of the sentence is what our boss said, I am only responsible for advertising, others are not responsible ) The

last gift is 7 kinds of Pzkpfw.IV Ausf.G real-edge camouflage cover paper, including the east line Kursk Orel Kharkov, the fourth line G in the southern line of Italy and other areas. Of course, the seven types of camouflage paintings are randomly packed, and the seven collections can be summoned. . . . .

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