Introduction of FJ Cruiser released color finished products!

NEXT series with many cars that are frequently seen even in the city that was released in recent years

A cool impression of active impressionGlitter

 Two tone white



Round form and POPnote

 Two tone yellow

We are selling simultaneous.




Today I will introduce the finished products of FJ cruiser!

This time, FJ cruiser is color package


Two tone white




Two tone yellow


Roofs are commonly white

The fog light around is silver.


Plating was abolished from this product, making it easy to combine!

(Although it is NEXT series, painting has become easier for users as well)





Like the previous series, the window frame seal is attached!

Reference images, photos will be those of Velfire.

You can paste as it is!

You can also paint it as a mask seal!




FJ cruiser's follow up until here

See you next time

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