Well, the preparation of ER 34 is completed ☆ Mi

Well, now, it is a complete new money type "ER 34 Skyline" that was supposed to be released during the early summer's hot day ↓ It is a coverage interview car , but the preparation has been completed to date

However, it is the headquarters side, until my work is finished, after this, it is a translation to actual mass production, production. If mass production is completed successfully at this pace, our shipping in late this month can be realized. 
Since the molded item is sent here by sea, if the weather is disturbed, the schedule will be disturbed, but this pattern is manyGoessori


Put the Nohcafe down and watch it quickly ~
The ☆ model car No. 88 
1/24 Nissan 
ER 34 Skyline 25 GT TURBO '01

First of all, package ~


Masking seal

Prototype finished product


Inlet will also enter this time

It is high like this. 
Next, look at the SP and the wheel different from the aero ~
The ☆ model car No. SP 
1/24 Nissan 
ER 34 skyline 25 GT TURBO '01 
custom wheel

First of all, package ~

Decal is common with No. 88

Common masking seal

Prototype finished product



With such a feeling. 
This prototype finished product is assembled with T1 molded product, so it is different from mass production. Beginning with T1, we are now working on corrections and adjustments until around T5. So details should be boiled down, shape and standing should be getting better.


There are things I'd like to say variously and I want to write, but since the blog at the time of the pro box release last year called controversy this time it ends quietly.


First of all ER 34, I left the hand and waited for mass production. If production ends without any problem, it will line up at the shop at the end of the month.
Please take it and take it home and take it home.
The next 6FR kit will not come out unless the coat is sold.

Let's meet at Minato Yokohama this weekend ~

So this week this is the end.

See you next Friday. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0Par

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