pre-order HK Models Avro Lancaster B.I/III 1/32 01E10 + First batch come with free National Insignia Mask exclusive for Hong Kong edition


To purchase, please press the brown button


The best price guarantee counts if you found another online webstore that is selling this kit we offer for less than us, before ordering it from us. Simply send us an e-mail with a link to the offer. Once we’ve checked out this offer and everything is okay, you can buy this kit from us at the same price.


  • We do not charge your credit card during pre-order period. We only process payment after the kit reach us.
  • The best price guarantee is comparing the price by based on the USD currency.
  • The best price guarantee does not apply to private sales, auction platforms, bankruptcy sales, or other non-ordinary sources.

– This kit is not available for U.K. customers.

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