It is information on reproduction!

Today is an announcement of products we reproduce!

"1/700 Special 16 Japanese naval aircraft carrier Soryu Showa 16 years / 13 years"


The Nankan Tactical Force which is a pleasant advance of the warfare cleft, medium-sized aircraft carrier Soron drew one wing! !

The deck marking and the onboard aircraft became selective ceremonies, and in 1943 the designation of "Sa" on the flight deck,

From Pearl Harbor Operation ~ Midway Naval Battle to the Military Warfare It is possible to produce the last shipboard machine and deck white line marking specifications.


The products are divided into left and right hulls. On the flight deck are scheduled to be equipped with eye ring for catching and catapult

I am reproducing the preparation form of that preparation.

The chimney adopts a slide mold, and it also reproduces vapor waste on the side.

The decal has recorded both the flight deck white lines in Showa 16 and Showa 13.

The ship-based aircraft belongs to Zero Fighter Type 21, Ninety-Ninth Bomb, Nine-Seven Vessel Attack, Ninth Vessel Battle, Ninety-six Ship Bomb,

It corresponds to each year.

And then. .
Recommended products are recommended for those who want to enjoy more precise built-in!
This product was already released in November's new productPlease
"1/700 Special 16EX-1 Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Soyuu Showa 13th Special Specification (With Etching Parts)"
Kit that comes with etched parts not sold separately!
Ideal for making precision building.
You can reproduce detailed details on difficult hull bodies. Handrail, Rattar, Mast, Ladder,
Boat dabbit, fall prevention fence, antenna for direction measurement, etc. are recorded.
The kit can be reproduced in the Showa 13 year following the completion of the kit.
The ship-based aircraft comes with a ninety-six warship warfare, a ninety six warship bombing, and a ninety seven-type warship attack.
Production is the midst of production of new products!  !
After this, please check out the new product to be releasedGlitter

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