1/24 Toyota Celica TA64 '85 Haspen gow rally specification-Scheduled to be released in December 2018

Works appeared in Belgium TTE Celica

TTE (Toyota Team Europe) has been reproduced a little bit different work from the coloring.

  • 2 in 1 kit which can be made by choosing the Haspen Gow Rally specification of 1985 and the Oman Rally specification of 1984
  • Oman Rally can be selected from number 4 and number 5
  • Silk printing decal
  • Reproduction of different wheels for each rally (2 types included)
  • 8 spoke wheels for Oman Rally are reproduced with a new mold
  • Metal seal for rear view mirror included

※ Finished products use detail up parts sold separately. 
※ The photo is different from the actual product because it is a prototype.

Detail up parts that are on sale can be used. 
1/24 Toyota TA64 Celica '84 Detail up parts for Portugal rally specification



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