NEW FROM Platts 1/144 Japan Navy Local Combat Machine Shiden Kai (Late Type) (2 Machine Set) – Model: PDR-2

About actual machine

At the end of the Pacific War, Shiden Kai was born to intercept US military aircraft striking the mainland Japan. 
Waterfowl fighter aircraft Improved Shiden which was born as a mother of strong wind. 
It was a masterpiece fighter with a balance of various performances by a combination of sophisticated aircraft and honorary engine of 2,000 horsepower class with repeated refurbishment. 
Production was limited to a few due to the late arrival, but the 343 aircraft corps which gathered the best of the Navy showed its performance to its fullest and showed an appropriate success for the Japanese navy's last fighter aircraft .

About the kit

Renewal development started from this autumn, Platts' popular 1/144 great aircraft series that has received favorable reviews. 
The second is the appearance of Shiden Kai that appeared at the end of the war and decorated the end of the Japanese Navy fighter unit. 
We renewed decals, packages, explanation diagrams, while keeping detailed mold expression and easy-to-make kit composition. 
It is 2 sets of 1/144 scale which you can enjoy the airplane kit with ease at reasonable size.

Major features

  • 1/144 Scale · Plastic Model Unpainted Assembly Kit
  • 2 sets
  • Total length at completion: 65 mm
  • Reducing paint difficulty by decalizing the canopy frame as well
  • Modeling the late stage with small vertical tail area
  • Exquisite mold expressions beyond scale such as delicate panel lines
  • Silk screen printing decal with marking of 5 aircraft set
  • Decal made by Italian · cult graph
  • Easy-to-understand explanation of painting by color printing

Aircraft that can be assembled by selection of decals

■ Prototype Unit 6 Navy Aviation Technology Factory Flight Experimental Department 1944 Yokosuka 
■ 343 Naval Air Corps Battle No. 701 Squadron Captain Captain Takashi Okubuchi Captain Matsuyama Station April 1945 
■ 343 Naval Air Force Battle No. 407 Captain Captain Captain Forest Captain Yoshiaki Capital Bureau April 1945 Matsuyama Station 
■ 343 Naval Air Corps Battle No. 301 Squadron August 1945 Omura Station 
■ No. 5243 Kawanishi Naruo Factory

***6 Marking  options***





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