1/700 Ship NEXT Nagato development ongoing!

Nagato's product development, rave reviews are on the rise.

To do my best


Prints such as packages, instructions, and seals have also been finished.

A dedicated new design seal contains a variety of pre-cut seals that colorize details and bonus tracks of content.

· Contains warship flags, main gun waterproof canvas, bridge windows and emergency timber.

– Recording recorded (requires cutting work) – 

· 25 mm machine gun mounting washer · propeller shaft (gold color) · bridge canvas etc.

Also included for the first stuff for stickers!


Part color tone is represented by preliminary main color coding, pre-colored molding material.


The finished product is also cool and finished.

(Picture, I will put a lot of it because it's impatient.)

The gun barrel moves.


Fine commitment to see this!

Of course bonus parts that can be reproduced by adhesion for heavy users are also included!

· Bulletproof board of machine gun · Ladder ladder · 25 mm single machine gun · Ventilation cylinder · Expansion bridge outside the bridge · Binocular telescope, etc.

Drilling and adhesion are necessary, but please do stick with it and stick to it!  !!  !


【1/700 Japanese Navy Battleship Nagato Showa 19 / Operation of Kenichi】

It is scheduled to ship on December 6th.

Make reservations fastA lol

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