Finally come

Etching finally arrived.

I was late because I was scolded.


But since the delivery was in time,

The head falls to the development staff.

Optional etching of the do – set shaker.

Apparently, the front deck seems to be a wooden deck.

This is charming.

I did it discreetly this time.



Atago optional finishing etch set ,,,

Because molded items do not come out easily,

I was late for the delay.

Etched and linoleum deck set

This price is incredible.


By being able to retake Atago,

Kaohsiung type retake is over.

The know-how here

Surely at the time of 1/700 WL of LN

It will be helpful.   

I expect it ,,,,,,,,,

Newly released magazine ,,,

Introduction of 1/76 tank new product (upgrade).

Today released in January next year

1/76 Special World Armor Series

It is an introduction of 2 new products ('Upgrade').

Both are Soviet tanks this time.

1/76 World Armor is a series of military started from 1971.

I think that the mold production of SU – 85, KV – 1 which appeared this time is around 1974.

Although it is quite a product with a season, it is a rare existence on a scale.

First of all, please look at the finished product.

Depending on the craftsmen, I'm still sorry.Nico Nico

1/76 Special World Armor Series No.29

It is a Soviet destroyer tank SU – 85 .


It is a decal. It is 3 types of body number recorded.

In 1945, the mark which was seen at the invasion of Berlin is also attached


I also have figures of tank soldiers.


The kit comes with two.

The parts composition is like this.

The track is rubber molded.


And Mr. Kurokawa's latest illustration.

It is a very good feeling.

Continue here

1/76 Special World Armor Series No. 30

It is a Soviet heavy tank KV – 1 .

The 1941 Welding Turret era is a motif

It is a decal. Six slogans, red stars and unit marks were also included.

The kit comes with two.

I also have figures of tank soldiers.


The parts composition is like this.

Unfortunately the illustration of KV – 1 has not been completed yet.

I think that you can see it next time.

stay tuned!


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