Fujimi] SP27 Chibi Maru Fleet 12 Battleship Set

The Chibi Maru fleet series is a kit that deformed the appearance on the model of a ship that was active in the Japanese Navy. 
A cute figure that you want to collect is a feature! 
Assembly does not require glue, it can be completed with paintless with multicolored molded parts and attached stickers. 

It is a set of 12 battleships of Yamato · Musashi · Kanaga · Haruna · Hiei · Kirishima · Ise · Hyuga · Nagato · Mutsu · Yamashiro · Fuso. 
12 Battleships Sort all by spectacular view! 
You can enjoy various ways of enjoying the reproduction of that famous photograph of Yamato and Musashi lined up and organizing your own fleet only. 
It is advantageous to purchase separately.

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