End of set

Finally the set of Atago and Dos Seta is finished.


The rest is shipping.

Whew ,,,


Fine mold parts

And the attached etching.

There are various soldiers this time,

Thank you for those concerned .


Every time, as it is, I am sorry.





Gone shock is awesome,

It is impact!



Without this guy, V-shaped recovery

I guess it was not,

With that in Japanese hands

Do it – that it was not there

It is a fact.


However, for example, Cedric / Gloria,

Bull-bard, etc.,

Nissan's famous car was cut off

It was painful.

Mark Ⅱ and corona,

The rival car has also gone,

Did you follow the same path?


Even now, it was a good car of good times.


Aoshima – san – I've earned it.

I still earn money.


It is imperative of everything

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