Mars Models 1/48 Be-4 (KOR-2) test build (part 4)

Well… I’ve decided not to wait when the photo etched and some other missing interior parts (like the pilot’s gunsight glass) will be available, and to continue the Mars Models 1/48 Be-4 test build. Mostly – because I’m interested to see ASAP how this unusual model will looks like when complete. But also – I do not expect any problems with the missing parts installation. From the “test build” point of view, the test is not required for them. So, I “closed” the boat’s hull as it is.
I made quickly the stand for the boat out of sprues for to make further process more convenient. No any serious problems with the model assembly. I been particularly pleased with the pilot and navigator canopies – they fell into place perfectly, without the gaps (usually, a canopy and a fuselage joint is a tricky place for me).
The navigator’s canopy been mounted with only two drops of glue. I’ll need to remove it later, for to install UBT machine gun, when the MG pivot will be available together with the other PE parts. The kit provides only one, “closed” option for the both canopies. Means – you have to reserve some time for to “open” them if it will needed.
When the Be-4 wings mounted, there is no any possibility to look inside the navigator’s cabin through the side “portholes”. So for me – MM did the right thing when decided not to make all the interior parts but only that one which are visible through the canopies.
The UBT machine gun, underwing armament, auxiliary beaching gear, some other small details like antenna mast, service hatch handles and pitot tube are not installed yet. Nevertheless, I think you may get the general impression about the model with this pre-final part of the test build set of photos.