AOSHIMA LB ★ Works R35 GT-R type 2 Ver.1 1/24 Liberty Walk No. 12

The long-awaited type 2 finally appeared !!!!!

R35 type 2 finally entered the Liberty Walk series. Represent the powerful aero parts in a new mold.

■ New parts

  • LB front bumper
  • LB front diffuser
  • LB Front Canard
  • LB rear bumper
  • LB Rear Diffuser
  • LB rear wing ver.3
  • Fi EXHAUST R35 GT-R Ultimate 101mm version Exhaust muffler

■ Accessory parts

  • Intercooler
  • 20 inch Forge Art Maglia Wheel
  • 20 inches tight pulling tire

※ There may be cases when the product to be actually released and the coloring / specification etc. are different

Detail up parts are released simultaneously with the main body. 
LB ★ Works R35 GT-R common detail up parts

* The image that is published is a prototype.

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