Notice of Reproduction – Ship NEXT Akagi & Fusosu Showa 19 ~

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Speaking of December, click re- scan Ma scanChristmas tree It is!


I decorated a Christmas tree at my company ~

Rilakkuma and Pralo Bohon wear a hat to Santa specificationSanta


As you see, the plastic model is hidden in the treeChilaChila



Send a Plamo to Christmas and make it together for the New Year

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Well, today's blog introduces products that we reproduce with popularityA lol



1/700 Ship NEXT Series No.4 Japan Navy Aircraft Carrier Akagi

Aircraft carrier "Akagi" of the 1st Air Force flagship, with a bridge at the port center!
Parts color-coded for each part such as hull, flight deck, ship's bottom, and parts unnecessary for glue,

It is possible to reproduce the real feeling Akagi even without painting.
The hull was split in left and right, on the side of the ship, details such as porthole, ladder, outboard circuit were reproduced with a mold. 
Bottom parts are molded in a bathtub that does not have eye contact. 
The shipboard machine is a one-piece molding including the propeller. 
For those looking for a precise finish, the main parts are also included in separate parts. 

The seal also stuck to the color of the flagpole part of the Japanese flag and the familiarity of the chrysanthemum emblem.






 1/700 Special Series No. 67 Japan Navy Battleship Fuso Fuso 1949

Fuso type battleship No. 1 ship built as a super-class battleship. 
In 1944, he sank with the ship 'Yamajo' at the Offshore Leyte Battle and sank in the Sulgao Strait.
Equipped with electric finding at the end of Showa 19, reproduced the appearance of increasing machine guns. 
Please enjoy two rows at the time of the war in 1949.

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