Ship NEXT Akizuki · We are planning to release the first month soon!

Good day Good evening!

It is too cold and I miss eating pot dishes these daysIt is heart.


Looking at the outside air temperature displayed when getting into the car this morning

It was "8 degrees" .

For the people living in Shizuoka this number never comes from a warm futon

It is a dangerous level of temperature to be told not to leave.

It is frightening to think that it will cool down more ….

Everyone, please be careful not to break down your physical condition! !



Well, today ship NEXT Akizuki-first month of

I will introduce additional information!


Besides various verifications, I tried a test shot of gray molding.

Please be assured that this product is properly color parts!

Making it … I do not have a machine gun and I'm sorry ….


Even though it is being made to stick to details here, it is very easy to organize! !

"I think it would take a day to organize one day (super beginner)"

I started silent moon silently, but I could finish it in about 6 to 7 hours.

The moment I saw the appearance of completed Akizuki, "I think that this is really my autumn moon …?"

It is cool.

Plamo … the moment of completion, it feels so pleasant and fun ….

Here is the finished product picture of this product!

[Akizuki] is a dark gray Sasebo navy factory color

【First Month】 is molded with bright gray Maizuru navy factory color.

Problem: How many different things are there by comparing these two ships?


Please do assembly by everyone's hands and look for answers!


Thank you for reading so far ~It is heart.


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