We would like to inform you about upcoming news that happened on RS models in the past few weeks.

So, first of all, let's re-announce our loved one Ryan Njp "Spirit of St. Louis" to be back on sale after a long time.

As for a second message, we would like to welcome our Ki-100 turbocharger (92128) back on sale. With the first marking version we made in 2013.

The third and most recent news is that new 92229 Yak-11 / C-11 and 92230 KI-61-II models will be on sale in early December in a new coat.

Fourth, and this time the last news is that today we will announce completely new models, which we come into our assortment. As for a first taste, we give them a little help with the following image in this gallery. Let's see if you can guess it correctly

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