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German Tiger King Heavy Tank – Henschel turret 44 years production (with anti-magnetic armor) 84531


At the beginning of October 1942, a development plan for VK 45.03 was released. Two companies provided their own designs, one was Henschel and the other was Porsche. Both have used turret designs from Krupp, the main difference being the car body, the drive train and the suspension.

Henschel's version uses a conventional body design that follows a tilted armor arrangement similar to the Panthers. The rear of the engine is similar to the "Tiger" I tank, with nine staggered load wheels on each side, mounted on a transverse torsion bar. To simplify logistic maintenance, the wheels overlap in the same way as the "Tiger" I tank.

Henschel finally won the contract, and all the "Tiger King" tanks were produced by the company. The vehicle has two turret designs. Early models of turrets were often installed on Porsche's concept cars, so they are often referred to as "Porsche turrets". In fact, there is a misunderstanding here. This turret is only one of the two types of turrets designed by Krupp at the beginning. The turret has a circular arc in front and the turret has a large inclination on both sides. In order to install the control tower, the left side of the turret has A curved bulge made the production very difficult, with fifty cars installing such turrets on the body of Henschel. Later, the more common “production” turrets, sometimes called the “Henschell” turrets, were flat in front of the turret, with no shells to supplement the openings (which were used on earlier curved turrets), and the turrets with smaller inclinations could be just right. Accommodating the captain's command tower, the edge no longer needs to be raised.

The crawler system used in the "Tiger King" chassis is quite unique. The track shoes with inducing teeth and the track shoes without induction teeth (also known as the "one male and one female" design) are used when the crawler grip is insufficient. Anti-slip teeth can also be used.

The "Tiger King" tank was late in the late war and only produced a small amount. Like other German tanks, it used a gasoline engine. However, the same engine installed on the lighter "Black Panther" and "Tiger" I tanks is barely enough. The use of the "Tiger King" is indeed a bit of a power failure. This is somewhat the case with other heavy tanks in World War II. Similar, and its high fuel consumption leads to too short driving distance.

Product number     84531
product name     German Tiger King Heavy Tank – Henschel turret 44 years production (with anti-magnetic armor)
Bar code     6939319245311
Product ratio     1:35
product type     Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model size     Length: 289.9mm Width: 107.3mm
Total number of parts     900+
Total number of offsets     21 sprues , upper hull , lower hull and turret
Chromed parts     n/a
Resin component     n/a
Metal parts     n/a
Etched parts     2 pcs
Film parts     n/a
Announcement date     2018-11
More description     The kit consists of over 900 parts
>the kit w/refined detail
>multi-slide moulded lower hull , turret
>individual tracks
>zimmerit included
>photo etched parts included

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