Russia T-62 BDD 1984 type (1972 type change) 07148


As a successor to the T-55, the T-62 is fitted with a new 2A20 115 mm smoothbore. Both use the same common wheels, track, engine, gearbox, and external fuel tanks. The main difference is that the T-62 has redesigned a new turret for the turret seat and thus lengthened the chassis. Its launched tail-stable armor-piercing projectile can penetrate 300mm thick homogeneous steel at 1000m, which was enough to deal with NATO countries such as the US M-48, and later the British "Emirates" and other tanks. At first, the T-62 was only an emergency design solution to effectively upgrade the T-55 strike capability against NATO's new tanks. Unexpectedly, the performance is reliable and low-cost, making it as large as the T-54/55. The troops became the main chariot.

      Despite its introduction in the 1960s, the Soviet Union continued to improve the T-62 and developed the famous T-72 main battle tank on its basis. It is still seen today that the T-62 is in military service in many countries, and the Arab countries including Egypt, Iraq, and Syria are the most concentrated. Israel had seized a large number of T-62s in the Middle East war and put them into use after the generalization of the IDF standards.

Product number     07148
product name     Russian T-62 BDD 1984 (type change in 1972)
trademark     TRU
Bar code     9580208071480
Product ratio     1:72
product type     Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model size     Length: 139mm Width: 49.9mm
Total number of parts     60+
Metal parts     N/A
Etched parts     N/A
Film film     N/A
Resin component     N/A
Total number of offsets     3 sprues , upper hull , lower hull and tracks
Announcement date     2018-11
More description     The kit consists of over 60 parts

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