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new from bronco 1/35 CB35123 41.M Turan 2

Before the outbreak of the Second World War, the Hungarian Army had been importing tanks produced in other countries as the main force of its armored forces. As Europe became war-torn, access to imported equipment became difficult, prompting Hungary to develop and manufacture armored combat vehicles on its own since 1940. After successfully copying the “Holti” light tank in accordance with Swedish drawings, the military selected the T-21 program designed by Czech CKD as a replica of its new medium tank. After several major design improvements, mass production began in early July 1941 and was named “40.M Tulan”. The car weighs 18.2 tons and has 5 members with a top speed of 47 kilometers per hour. The main gun is a 41M 40mm tank gun, carrying 101 pieces. An 8mm machine gun is mounted on the front of the car and the turret. The car was delivered to the first-line forces of the Soviet Union in 1942. In the same year, based on the “40.M Turan”, a fire support tank equipped with a 41M 75mm tank gun was developed and developed, named “41.M Turan 2”. The car weighs 19.2 tons and has a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. The car body is the same as the “40.M Turan”, and the turret has been greatly improved. The car plans to produce 320 vehicles, but only 139 vehicles were actually completed. Among them, 54 side skirts made of perforated steel plate produced by WeizManfred have partially increased the protection of the car body. “Tulan 2” began to be distributed to the frontline troops in the summer of 1943. As an armored division, the mobile fire support vehicle participated in the fierce battle of the Hungarian army on the Eastern Front.

41.M Turan 2
Product Code: Armored Vehicle 
Model Type: CB35123 
Model Ratio: 1/35