Reproduce the recent state of "Kon-so" which is responsible for the maritime SDF Aegis escort ship group! "Canada" can also be produced! 
By using the included etching parts, "Kon-zou" can be reproduced more precisely.

DDG-173 "Kon-so" is the name ship of the Kosugo type escort ship built under the medium-term prevention Showa era 63 year plan, commissioned as the first Aegis warship of the sea in 1993. In 2007 after renovation of missile defense capability (BMD) equipment we succeeded in intercepting simulated ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere from the sea by intercept test in Hawaii.

· The kit bundled various polyurethane satellite antennas, 7.9 m internal boat and internal combustion boat (RHIB) parts so that the state of recent years can be recreated to the conventional "Kogo".

· Accessories made of polyurethane (resin) parts: Various antenna parts (for satellite television reception antenna, NORQ-1 Super Bird satellite communication antenna Ku band, NORA-1C super bird satellite communication antenna X · Ku band both, NORC-4B Inmarsat private sector Communication antenna, USC – 42 satellite communication antenna, BMD antenna), 7.9 m internal boat, compound type working boat (RHIB) 
· SH – 60 J helicopter (clear molded) × 1 machine attached 
· Newly arrived ship sign changed to white color , DDG-175 "Decoal" for decoiling 
· 1 
· full length 460 mm · offshore / full hull model selectable 
· Etching parts included 2 pieces

· Etched Parts Contents: Handrail (Bridge structure overhang · Passage and others), Mast around, Mast yard, IFF enemy ally identification device, Signal box, 12.7 cm around the main gun, bridge structure overhang · passageway, life raft container rack, flight deck Safety net others

Package size: 22 × 49 × 6 
Weight: 650 g

Scheduled to be shipped in January 2019 
Main unit price: 9,600 yen 
JAN code: 4986470062426

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