pit-road December 4 shipping

1/700 US Navy Destroyer Allen M. Sumner (SPW 53)

One of three types of fleet destroyers built by the US Navy in the second half of World War II is Allen M. Sumner class. 
We did not change the full length of preclass Fletcher first grade, expanded only the width by 45 cm, gave stability and equipped with 3 5 inch conjunctive guns. 
67 vessels were commissioned until the end of the war, and mainly participated in the strategy toward the Pacific Ocean.

· 1 ship 
· offshore model 
· ship number decal included 
· total length: 163 mm 
· price change reproduction product (old product number: W33)

Scheduled for shipment in December 2018 
Main unit price: 1,800 yen 
JAN code: 4986470062440

1/700 Japanese naval marine defense ship cormorant crown (equipped with three type projector) (SPW 54)

Ugari type naval vessels used for fleet escort and antisubmarine patrol were commissioned by 20 vessels from 1944 to 1945 as a development type of Mikura type naval ship. 
We equipped 16 types of 3 type explosion throwers, 12 cm high angle cannon, 25 mm triple and single unit gun.

· 2 ships 
· offshore model 
· total length: 113 mm 
· 17 m with internal firebomch · 
change in part number Playback product (old product number: W 53)

Scheduled for shipment in December 2018 
Main unit price: 1,800 yen 
JAN code: 4986470062457


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